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About Us


The Latin Mass Community of the Diocese of Erie is a vibrant group of faithful Catholics who desire to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with the reverence that is due to Him who laid down his life for our salvation and who offers us his very flesh and blood in the sacrifice of the Mass.  We worship according to the ancient patrimony of the Roman Catholic Church, as handed down the centuries by the apostles and their successors.  The Mass we celebrate goes by many names: the Traditional Latin Mass, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the Tridentine Mass.  It is the Mass that has been celebrated since ancient times by Roman Catholics.

The Latin Mass Community of the Diocese of Erie has flourished in recent years.  It continues to grow as more and more people desire to deepen their faith and provide a stronger faith community for themselves and their children.  Many who attend the Latin Mass remain parishioners of their home parishes and only come to the Latin Mass on an occasional basis.  These visitors are always welcome.


The vast majority of those who attend the Latin Mass, however, are committed to forming a strong community in which they can encourage the faith and sanctification of one another.

As more people learn about the Latin Mass they are requesting that it be celebrated in more parishes in the Diocese of Erie.  We give thanks to God for this growth and we pray that he may bring this work to completion.

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