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What is the Latin Mass?


The Traditional Latin Mass refers to the way in which the Roman Catholic Mass was celebrated across the world until 1970.  For centuries the Traditional Latin Mass inspired saints, nourished the souls of sinners, and converted nations to Jesus Christ.  

With the exception of the sermon, the Mass is prayed entirely in Latin, the universal language of the Church, to express the universal, “catholic” character of our faith.  In the Traditional Latin Mass the priest faces the altar as he leads the people in worship of God.  The music of the Traditional Latin Mass is gregorian chant, the ancient patrimony of our Church, which disposes the soul to adoration and reverence. 

Every minute detail of the Traditional Latin Mass is replete with symbolism and accompanied by prayer.  It is this experience of worship which generations of saints have found as a most suitable way to follow the injunction of our Savior: “Do this in memory of me” (Luke 22:19).


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